☆ 100 Coin Lot From Old Estate Hoard! ☆ Old US & World Coins GOLD SILVER Roman ☆



An unbelievable value! Over 100 items including 24K GOLDSILVER BULLION AND COINSold US coinsancient coinsproof coins, currency, and much more in each and every lot!

You’ll be blown away by this incredible offering that includes over 100 US and World coins and currency from our huge ‘treasure chest’ collection!  The Stamp and Coin Trader has been a trusted eBay seller for over 15 years because we offer unbelievable deals that no one else can beat!  You’ll only get high quality coins when you buy from us, and thousands of buyers have already trusted us for their coin collecting needs.  Don’t wait – give us a try today!

There’s a huge value and variety packed into each and every lot!  We only have a limited number available and at this price they won’t last long!  Hundreds have already been purchased, so buy one today before they’re all gone! 

INCREDIBLE! Our recent acquisition of hundreds after hundreds of pounds of old coins from several different estates and retired dealer’s inventory has left us with an enormous hoard of valuable old US coins, world coins, bullion, and currency.  These treasured items had been left in storage, packed into bags, boxes, and everything imaginable, and then forgotten for many years.  We have decided to sell them exactly as we received them – there are so many we don’t even have time to go through them all!  Our solution?  Divide everything into affordable 100 item lots and offer them to our customers at a massive discount!

The unbelievable thing about these coins is that many are very old – we even spotted ancient coins dating back over 1,700 years!  WOW!  Coins like these are very hard to come by and are highly treasured by collectors.  They’re certainly not the type of coins you’ll find in circulation today.  We’re even including an old US type coin at least 140 years old in each lot!  You’ll be amazed at all of the great items we’re including that other listings don’t offer.  Nothing else even comes close to the value you get with our lots!


 Over 100 items in each and every lot, guaranteed!

 2 GOLD ITEMS in every lot

(Gold bars, Alaskan gold nuggets, and vials stuffed with large gold leaf flakes!)

3 authentic Ancient Roman coins at least 1,700 years old!

(History you can hold in your hands!  These very rare coins are from the Constantine the Great Era and were used by real ancient Romans!  Includes some uncleaned coins, exactly as they were discovered – give them a light cleaning and reveal what’s underneath the dirt!)

 A World Coin at Least 100 Years Old

 One early US coin from the 1700s or 1800s – at least 130 years old!

(Very scarce old U.S. type coins including large cents, two cent pieces, shield nickels, flying eagle cents, and even silver coins!)

 2 silver items – a .999 pure silver bar and an old silver coin at least 70 years old!

(Silver coins include Barber dimes, Mercury dimes, Barber quarters, Standing Liberty quarters, seated Liberty dimes, Barber half dollars, Walking Liberty half dollars, Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, and more!)

 At least 4 U.S. Proof coins

(Individual proof coins or a proof set from the U.S. mint.  The highest quality coins you can find!  At least one penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.  Individual proof coins are all 35+ years old!  Each coin will come housed in its own holder for protection.)

 One old world coin from the 1800s or earlier!

(Scarce coins all over 120 years old!  Selected from a huge variety of countries.)

 One Indian Head Penny

(An iconic classic over 100 years old – many were issued during the 1800s!)

 One Liberty ‘V’ Nickel

(Issued from 1883 to 1912 – another classic that is always popular with collectors)

 One Buffalo Nickel with a full date

(The raised date wears off easily in circulation but we’ll include a coin with a full visible date on it – very scarce!)

 A full quarter pound of world coins

(With too many countries to count and an endless variety of coin types, denominations, materials, and sizes we gave up trying to sort these and just decided to weight out 1/4 pound for each collection – we always over weight and never under weigh!)

 5 King George Canadian copper pennies

(An early Canadian penny bearing the head of King George VI on one side.  These coins continue to increase in value with the rising price of copper and the hoarding of pennies since their elimination in Canada)

 A full roll of Lincoln Wheat Cents

(You’ll receive a roll of 50 coins, scooped from an unsearched lot containing hundreds of pounds of these old U.S. pennies)

 10 pieces of authentic uncirculated world currency

(You’ll receive notes from many different countries.  A great collectible item!)


That’s right, you will receive all of these great old coins, currency, and bullion items including GOLD and SILVER, for one low price!

Here’s your chance to finally buy like a dealer at below wholesale prices!

Our ability to purchase coins like this in large quantities means that we can offer them to you at dealer prices.  You no longer have to pay expensive retail prices.  We do all of the hard work so you can enjoy the savings!  Our 15+ years as a seller and a leader in estate coin sales guarantees that you will get high quality coins at some of the lowest prices.  Nothing else even comes close!  Our thousands of satisfied buyers would agree!

We know you will love our coins!  And we’ll back it up with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee! 

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