☆Historic Collections of Antique US & World Coins☆Ancient, Old US, Gold, Silver ☆


Historic US and World Coin Collections

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Own a piece of history with these amazing collections of old US and world coins.  We’ve acquired a huge hoard of coins and are passing the savings along to you!  You’ll receive over 100 coins, including 3 authentic coins at least 1,700 years old!  We’ll also include an uncirculated California gold token, an early US coin at least 150 years old, old world coins, silver items, proof coins, and all of the items described below.  A great way to start a new collection or add to your existing collection – also great for teaching kids about history.

We guarantee you will receive the following items in EACH lot you purchase:

☆ An Uncirculated California Gold Token

☆ An Early US Coin at Least 150 Years Old

(Historic US coins from the early to mid 1800s – Large Cents (Coronet Head or Braided Hair), 2 Cent Pieces, and Shield Nickels)

☆ 3 Ancient Roman Coins Over 1,700 Years Old

(Authentic coins from the ‘Constantine the Great Era’)

☆ 2 Old World Coins at Least 100-200 Years Old

(A huge variety of countries represented – all coins will have readable dates)

☆ An Additional Gold Item

(Gold nuggets, gold leaf flake, gold bars – multiple purchases will receive higher value items!)

☆ At Least One Old US 90% Silver Coin – One Quarter OR 2 Dimes

(Quarters include Barber or Standing Liberty // Dimes include one Mercury and one Barber)

☆ One .999 Pure Silver Bar

(A variety of designs are possible – the photo shows a sample of some of the designs we have)

☆ A Set of Proof US Coins

(Straight from the mint and mounted in an official display holder – the highest quality coins you can buy!)

☆ A Full Roll (50 coins) of US Wheat Cents

(Scooped at random from a 50 pound bucket and completely unsearched by us)

☆ 1/4 Pound of World Coins

(Around 25 coins – a huge variety of countries represented here – a great mix that we sell by itself)

☆ An Old US Indian Head Penny

(From the late 1800s to early 1900s – always a popular item)

☆ An Old US Liberty Nickel

(Also from the late 1800s to early 1900s)

☆ A US Buffalo Nickel with a Readable Date

(The raised date on most of these coins is worn away – we’ll send you a coin with a visible date on it!)

☆ A Set of 5 Canadian Copper Pennies

(From the mid 1900s – these are becoming more valuable with the rising price of copper)

☆ 10 Pieces of Uncirculated World Currency

(Dates from the 1950s – a great collectible item)

☆ Bonus! An uncirculated world coin will be included with each lot purchased!

☆ Purchase 2 or more lots and you’ll also receive a $1 US Silver Certificate!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!

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