✯ 95 ITEM Massive Estate Sale✯ Old US Coins ✯ Silver / Proof / Slabs / Ancient ✯


Massive Estate Coin and Currency Lots

You Get 10 Silver Items + 10 Proof Coins + 75 Additional Items!  WOW!

At Least 95 Items in Each Lot, GUARANTEED!

You will receive Proof Coins, Slabbed Coins, A Roll of U.S. Coins, Old U.S. Coins, Silver Coins, Roman Coins, Uncirculated World Coins and Currency, Silver Bars, Medieval Era World Coins, and More!

You are guaranteed to receive the following items in EACH lot:


10 U.S. Proof Coins from the 1960’s and 1970’s

(That’s right, they’re old and there’s 10 of them!)

2 Lincoln Cents (Pennies)
2 Jefferson Nickels
2 Roosevelt Dimes
2 Washington Quarters
1 Kennedy Half Dollar
1 Additional Proof Coin of Our Choice

At Least One Coin will be a GEM PROOF!


(All Old 90% Silver Coins, Nothing Modern!  All Coins will be 70+ Years Old!)

1 Barber Dime (1892-1916)
1 Mercury Dime (1916-1945)
1 Barber Quarter (1892-1916)

2 Coins Minted During the WWII Era

(One will contain silver!)

An Unsearched Roll of Lincoln Wheat Cents with a Mercury Dime End

(Truly Unsearched, Scooped at Random from a 350 Pound Hoard!  AND Another Old Silver Coin!)

Indian Head Penny + Liberty Nickel + Buffalo Nickel Combo

(A Great Selection of Classic U.S. Coins!  All Full Date Coins Including the Buffalo Nickel!  All 75+ Years Old!)

3 Ancient Roman Coins Over 1,700 Years Old

(From the Constantine the Great Era! Own a Piece of History with these Great Historical Coins!)

1 High Grade Uncleaned Roman Coin (you do the cleaning and see what’s underneath the dirt!)
At Least 2 Coins Will Have Visible Details!

3 Pure Silver (.999 Fine) Bars

(1 Gram Bars with Assorted Designs.  That’s SEVEN Silver Items So Far!)

2 World Coins at Least 80 Years Old!

(Another Great Collectible Piece of History!  All coins will have clearly readable dates)

3 Ottoman Empire Silver Coins

(Islamic/Turkish Coins that are seldom seen these days)

One Old World Coin from the 1800’s or Earlier

(Selected from a huge assortment of countries and dates.  All coins will have no major damage and readable dates!)

10 Pieces of Uncirculated World Currency

(All collectible notes with one dating back to the 1950’s!)

5 Uncirculated World Coins

(All different coins selected from a large collection of many countries and dates)

Get a Bonus Piece of Gold U.S. Collectible Currency

(Not a real piece of currency, but a fun collector’s item!)

All lots will be different, so buy more than one to get an even larger variety
of coins PLUS the bonus offers mentioned below!


Get a bonus set of US coins issued during WWII!

Get a bonus Alaskan Gold Nugget!

Get a bonus slabbed and graded proof U.S. coin (PCGS/NGC/IGC/ANACS)!

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