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The top selling estate coin lot available online!  Guaranteed!

An unbelievable value for under $45 including GOLD, SILVER, old US coins, proof coins, currency, and more in each and every lot!

Order now and get an authentic Ancient coin over 1,700 years old with your purchase!

You’ll be blown away by this incredible offering that includes over 25 items all for under $45!  The Stamp and Coin Trader has been a trusted seller for over 15 years because we offer unbelievable deals that no one else can beat!  You’ll only get high quality coins when you buy from us, and thousands of buyers have already trusted us for their coin collecting needs.  Don’t wait – give us a try today!

INCREDIBLE! Our recent acquisition of hundreds after hundreds of pounds of old US coins from several different estates and retired dealer’s inventory has left us with an enormous hoard of valuable old US coins, bullion, and currency.  These coins had been left in storage, and forgotten for many years.  We have decided to sell them exactly as we received them – there are so many we don’t even have time to go through them all!  Our solution?  Divide everything into smaller, affordable lots and offer them to our customers at a massive discount!

The unbelievable thing about these coins is that every single coin, except for the proof coins, is between 50 and 120 years old!  WOW!  Coins like these are very hard to come by and are highly treasured by collectors.  They’re certainly not the type of coins you’ll find in circulation today.  We’re even including an old silver quarter in each lot that other listings don’t offer!  The guaranteed items you will receive are listed below, so keep reading!

Also make sure to check out the bonus offers below, for multiple lot purchases.  The value simply can’t be beat!

Buy one or buy a few, the shipping is always FREE!


☆ Over 25 items in each and every lot, guaranteed!

☆ GOLD in every lot

(Vials stuffed with large gold leaf flakes!)

☆ One early U.S. 90% SILVER QUARTER, at least 100 years old!

(Very scare!  Not offered in any other listing at this price!)

☆ Four (4) U.S. proof coins from the 1960s and 1970s!

(Fresh from the mint!  The highest quality coins you can buy!  At least one penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.

All 35+ years old!  Each coin will come housed in its own holder for protection.)

☆ One piece of obsolete old U.S. currency at least 50 years old

(Scarce silver certificates, once backed by precious metals.  Issued during the 1930s and 1950s)

☆ One old U.S. coin at least 100 years old

(Rare Indian Head pennies, some dating back to the 1800s!)

☆ 6 additional old U.S. coins 75+ years old

(Liberty Nickels and Buffalo nickels, all with different dates.  Scarce iconic coins from our nation’s past!)

☆ One Brilliant Uncirculated coin in original U.S. mint packaging

(High quality coins that have never been in circulation!)

☆ A grab bag of 10 unsearched Lincoln wheat cents

(Scooped at random from a 100+ pound bucket.  There’s no telling what you might find!)


All orders will receive an authentic ANCIENT COIN at least 1,700 years old in each lot!

(Very rare!  Only available while supplies last, so order today!)

That’s right, you will receive all of these great old coins and currency, including GOLD and SILVER, for under $45!  It may not seem possible, but it is!  Don’t miss out on our biggest sale ever!

We know you will love our coins!  And we’ll back it up with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee!



Purchase (2) or more lots and you will receive a Kennedy half dollar as one of the proof coins

Purchase (4) or more lots and you will receive a bonus $2 Red Seal certificate at least 50 years old

(Also receive the Kennedy half dollar and slabbed U.S. coin)

It’s easy to see that purchasing multiple lots is the way to go.  You won’t receive all of the same coins in your lots, so buy as many as you’d like!  When you buy more than one lot, we save on fees and shipping costs, and we can pass these savings along to you by offering these great bonuses.  Don’t miss out – we only have a limited number of these coins available.

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