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Own these 2 rare silver coins from our nation’s past!

We’ve been putting aside these valuable silver coins from all of the private collections and estate hoards that we’ve purchased over the years.  We now have a large quantity of these classic MERCURY DIMES and BARBER HEAD DIMES that we are offering at a huge discount!  Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!  Coins like these are highly valued by collectors, since they were only issued in very small numbers and will never be minted again.  They’re pieces of our nation’s past that you’ll be proud to have in your collection.

All of these coins are between 70 and 125 years old!  They’re certainly not the type of coins you’ll find in circulation today.  For a limited time, we’re offering these classic old US coins in lots of 2 different coins, at our lowest price ever.  Don’t miss out!  Also make sure to check out our bonus offers below, for multiple lot purchases.  The value simply can’t be beat!

Each 2 coin lot will contain the following:

☆ 1 Barber Dime, issued between 1892 and 1916

☆ 1 Mercury Dime, issued between 1916 and 1945

You’ll only receive top quality coins when you purchase our lots.  Every coin will have a full readable date.  All of the damaged and cull coins have been removed.

We know you will love our coins!  And we’ll back it up with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee! 


Purchase (4) or more lots and you will receive a bonus silver coin

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