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ATTENTION INVESTORS! Our recent acquisition of a huge unsearched coin hoard included a large number of proof and uncirculated US silver coins.  It’s no mystery they had been set aside – coins like these are very hard to come by and are highly treasured by collectors.  They’re certainly not like most coins you will find because they have never been in circulation.

These coins make great investments that will be a treasured part of your collection for years to come.  They also make great gifts for the holidays and are great to trade or sell yourself!  The possibilities are endless!  The price of silver bullion has gone up over 250% in the last 15 years.  You can image the potential with these high grade silver coins that are already scarce to begin with!  Their value will only continue to rise, especially since they were only issued in very small numbers and will never be minted again.


-At least 5 PROOF or UNCIRCULATED silver coins in every lot!

-At least FOUR 90% silver coins will be included

-At least 2 different PROOF 90% silver coins in every lot!

-3 DIFFERENT denominations of coins in every lot! (Dime, Quarter, & Half Dollar)

-Each coin will be housed in a protective holder for easy storage and display


All orders will receive (3) 1 gram pure silver bars!

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